Babee Covee Testimonials - Baby Gear Must Have

R. Fung

"The BEST car seat cover and MORE! We previously had used a regular blanket to cover the car seat when baby was sleeping and it would always either fall off, leave little air flow, or be too small. When we received the Babee Covee blanket, I was more than a little skeptical. All-in-one items tend to be a jack of all trades, master of none. But was I WRONG.

The quality of the blanket is fantastic. It's soft and comfortable and any child would love it just as a regular blanket. But the stellar part is the design. It has perforations and holes to attach perfectly on a car seat and to be folded over when you want it more open and to come down when you want some peace and quiet for your baby. Like many great products, it just works well.

No longer do we search for other blankets or worry about too thin/too thick blankets for the weather. The Babee Covee works so well it never leaves the car seat, except when we ALSO use it as a stroller blanket. In the future, we look forward to using it as a high chair cover, shopping cart cover and more."


"This blanket is awesome, it does it all. And now I only need one. Recently on vacation we had to bring a lot of stuff for my son. With the Babee Covee we really had an easier time being mobile - we used this blanket as the high chair cover when we went out to eat, and again at the park. It is easy to wash and use again. Such a great idea to make so many products into one. You get a lot more for you money with all these uses."


"The Babee Covee is incredibly versatile. One minute I can use it as a cover to protect the baby from the sun or wind while the next I can use it to cover a high chair or shopping cart. I've also used it as a nursing cover in a pinch or even as blanket on unexpected cold days. I just leave it on my infant car seat carrier and have it available anytime. It is made of a very nice quality, soft material. My daughter loves to soothe herself with the satin trimming. The designs to choose from are actually quite attractive. It makes a wonderful gift!"
From: HKS

Donna O'Neil

"I LOVE my Babee Covee! It is the most awesome piece of baby gear I own!"

Emmy Obruba

I LOVE this baby blanket! We definitely do not leave home without it! I am currently using it as a shade in the van and I just bought another one to shade the other side. As a mother of three, I wish I had it for my first two because this blanket would have eliminated all the extras that I have lingering in the house. I feel proud to give it as a gift because I truly believe that this product is awesome! Thank you for inventing this wonderful product!
From: Fairchild AFB, WA

Amanda Wright

From: Syracuse NY


Babee Covee is the BEST!! I wish I had this for my first child. Never leave home with out it... Every mom should have one!
From: Corona, CA

Shanti Patel

I LOVE my Babee Covee! So easy to carry and use. Thanks for a GREAT baby product.

From: Gainesville, MD


Joann Adamos

The baby Covee was wonderful especially when Chloe was a newborn. I loved having it when it was cold and raining. I plan to use it again with my future children:
From: San Diego, CA

Sinh Sinh

I absolutely LOVE my Babee Covee!!
From: San Ramon, CA

Sharon M.

The Babee Covee is a stylish, unique, versatile blanket. The minute I opened it I was surprised at how extremely soft the the fabric was. The opposite side is a very modern bright colorful polka dot. The unisex design is great. The 5-6 different functions is even better. Best of all the Covee can be used year round. I love how it can be worn as a cover-up for breastfeeding moms. On a 5 star rating scale I would give the Babee Covee 5 stars. Great quality, function and style. A+ product.
From: Mom of two

Sarah M.

That is so exciting about your new 'mompreneur' company! The Babee Covee looks absolutely amazing! What a great idea because it not only covers practically anything a baby/toddler would use, but it also looks light weight and flexible. The patterns/colors you chose are beyond adorable! When we have our next lil' one, I'm definitely buying one hopefully one in pink. They would make great gifts too. From: Pasco, WA


I find that the Babee Covee is VERY practical, fashionable and durable. Not to mention, affordable and easy to take care of since it's machine washable. Every mom would love for her newborn baby to be protected from the wind, the sun, germs in restaurants and grocery stores without the hassle of the blanket falling off. What a great deal to use it on so many baby things car seat, stroller, shopping carts, restaurant high chairs and playdates. It's definitely the perfect baby shower gift.
From: Cincinnati, OH


My family and I were out in the park one afternoon. My son got cold and we forgot to bring a jacket for him. So we decided to put the Babee Covee as 'poncho' on him. The Babee Covee worked very well and kept my son warm. It's truly a multi-purpose blanket!
From: Danville, CA


This blanket works great at the beach and won't blow off like other ordinary blankets. Great work.
From: La Jolla, CA


I love it! I have gotten comments on the colors!
From: Dublin, CA


I got this for my wife, and she loves it. She likes the versatility, but mostly not having the blanket blow off the car seat which happens all the time on the East Coast!
From: New York, NY


This was wonderful especially for my newborn. I loved having it when it was cold and raining but still perfect for other uses. I keep it in the car always for wherever we go.
From: San Diego, CA


Great idea! I do not know why noone thought about it before now!
From: Mid west


It's like having three blankets in one. I use it exclusively and won't leave the house without it. Way to go BabeeCovee!
From: New York, NY


I have just got to tell you that the Babee Covee I ordered as a gift, in the Grande Alfaberto fabric … I got to see it last Saturday and the fabric, the quality, were SUPER. I love it!! I love it so much, and so does the recipient. I'll be ordering another soon.
From: Montross, VA

New Mom to twins

The Babee Covee really makes life easier especially for new moms. Though I didn't know it until I got one, I now take it everywhere we go
From: Portland, OR